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Hi Wendy, we met at my solo show at The Art Gallery Osoyoos. I love your art. We have the same interests and express it in our arts. Let's stay in contact!
Claudia Punter - 14 Sep 2021
Hi Wendy, just visited your site for the 1st time in a long time. Beautiful photography, love it. So happy you are enjoying life and capturing it in you photography and art. Denise Hamerston, March 12. 2017
denise Hamerston - 12 Mar 2017
I purchased your photo (at New West Quay) of the 3 raccoons at Stanley Park and now have it framed. I love it! You certainly have a talent for capturing a moment in nature. Lovely work!
Cindy - 30 Mar 2011
Such a joyful and peaceful art work. Thank-you for sharing your time and energy with others.
Barbara (Schiller) Chartrand - 4 Nov 2009
Absolutely lovely! Am so glad to have discovered your art and wish you all the best success.
Melanie - 29 Oct 2009
Hi Wendy, Met you at the Burnaby Art show this weekend I liked your chipmunk 'Sweet Treat' picture as well.
kathy gelineau - 26 Oct 2008
Congratulations Wendy, great work! So vibrant and happy. Best wishes and lots of inspiration for more artwork.
Renata - 31 Jul 2007
Hello Wendy. What a beautiful website; I am so impressed! My gallery favourites are Flowers and Other, which are beautiful and calming. Keep up the good work.
Christine Nagy - 28 Jun 2007
I love your art. It makes me feel so peaceful. Thank you for creating such a beautiful website.
Sandra Charles - 11 Jun 2007
Wow! Your Grizzly Bear painting is fabulous! I enjoy your painting of the Loons as well. Fascinating art work, very vivid and real. Thank you!!
Sue Arntson - 28 May 2007
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