Wendy Schmidt
Westcoast Art & Wildlife


(posted on 30 Apr 2017)

The Fish Hawk

Watercolor 11x14 Osprey

This is my newest painting, finished March 2017. I enjoyed painting the feathers and the wood. Painting the clouds are always a challenge.

I just did my first Oil Painting class and painted a tree. Wow, it's been 40 years since painting in oils, a reality check for me! I enjoyed painting thick brush strokes again. It's going to be a long time before I can show you my latest oil paintings. But hang in there, I just might surprise you and myself if I can do it again!

My Vacation in Pheonix, Arizona

Yes, the land of flowering cacti, saguro cactus, dry heat of 90 degrees, blue skies, old western towns, singing cowboys, turquoise jewelry & even palm trees.

The western art galleries were fantastic! Lots of western landscapes and cowboy scenes. Watercolor paintings are not accepted there because people want to see brush strokes and bright colors in oil. I guess that leaves me out. Another reason for me to try painting oils again.

Artisans Market at River Quay in New West, Saturday May 6th.

I will be at the River Market at the New West Quay, Saturday May 6th. I will have my Art Cards and Prints and my Freshwater Pearls for sale.

From 11-4pm, with 25 other Vendors , all handmade crafts.

Drop by if you can.

Have a good day, and thanks for reading about my Artwork.