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(posted on 10 Oct 2017)


I won the overall runner up nature wildlife photo on the Land Title Alliance of BC website or LTABC

" Pacific green frog on a skunk cabbage"

I took this at Burnaby Lake on a hot August morning, the frog wanted a bit of sunshine from the morning dew to warm up.  I love the shadow of the frog coming through the skunk cabbage.   It took me a long time to find these frogs, as they just blend into the green grasses.



(posted on 27 Sep 2017)

4 New Paintings


The Goslings                                                                                 Flickering


The Big Bizz                                                               Basking on the Rocks


Info on the sizes located on New Art 2017.     www.wendyschmidt.ca

(posted on 31 Aug 2017)

Your Invited to my Juried Art Exhibition Show

Sept 1-28th, 2017  /  Reception: Sept 9th Saturday, 1-3pm.

Light food &  refreshments will be served at the reception

Newton Cultural Centre, 13530-72nd Ave, Surrey, BC ( corner of King George Hwy)

Hrs Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

There will be 2 other Artists  , Gail Biddle & Melanie Lastoria. Total of 36 Paintings.

I will have 15 of my latest paintings , not all showing here.

Presented by the Arts Council of Surrey






Please pick up a free Spotlight Magazine on the Arts, at the Newton Cultural Centre

showing my Chipmunk Painting on the cover.

Thank You

(posted on 14 Jun 2017)

Happy Blog News #5

The Hooded Pair

12x16 Watercolor - Hooded Merganser Pair

Tofino Shores

8x10 Oil Painting

These are my latest Art Works. The Hooded merganser Pair and my 1st Oil Painting!

My next Art Show will be at the Deer Lake Art Gallery in Burnaby. Saturday July 8th from 10-4pm.

There will be other Artisans and the Live outdoor Paint timed Auction. This is very popular and you can come and see how they paint within a time limit and then have a silent auction to buy it.

I will have more Wildilfe Photography coming soon, so look out for it. My favourite is the Hummingbird in the snow. These are all from the winter, taken at Burnaby Lake.

***Please Note, I will NOT be sending out my Blog News anymore, but you can get monthly updates on my website***

Thank you

(posted on 30 Apr 2017)

The Fish Hawk

Watercolor 11x14 Osprey

This is my newest painting, finished March 2017. I enjoyed painting the feathers and the wood. Painting the clouds are always a challenge.

I just did my first Oil Painting class and painted a tree. Wow, it's been 40 years since painting in oils, a reality check for me! I enjoyed painting thick brush strokes again. It's going to be a long time before I can show you my latest oil paintings. But hang in there, I just might surprise you and myself if I can do it again!

My Vacation in Pheonix, Arizona

Yes, the land of flowering cacti, saguro cactus, dry heat of 90 degrees, blue skies, old western towns, singing cowboys, turquoise jewelry & even palm trees.

The western art galleries were fantastic! Lots of western landscapes and cowboy scenes. Watercolor paintings are not accepted there because people want to see brush strokes and bright colors in oil. I guess that leaves me out. Another reason for me to try painting oils again.

Artisans Market at River Quay in New West, Saturday May 6th.

I will be at the River Market at the New West Quay, Saturday May 6th. I will have my Art Cards and Prints and my Freshwater Pearls for sale.

From 11-4pm, with 25 other Vendors , all handmade crafts.

Drop by if you can.

Have a good day, and thanks for reading about my Artwork.


(posted on 22 Mar 2017)

Wendy's Newsletter #3

Happy Springtime!

Here are my 3 Latest Paintings:

The Lions, size 8x10

Beaver Totem, size 10x13

Merganser, size 10x13

I always like painting Wildlife and wood. Painting clouds, mountains are always a challenge for me. The Beaver was fun to paint the old wood cracks and the Merganser paddling in the water. Painting in watercolor is more harder than painting in Oils!

So,,,,,I will be taking "Oil Painting" classes soon. I did use oils years ago and like the medium so will keep you posted on this new adventure.

Your Invited

A Juried Art show called "Just Water" ( theme of water) held at the Newton Cultural Centre, 13520-72nd Ave, Surrey, just off of King George Hwy. April 4-30th.

Opening Reception Saturday, April 8th, 1-3 pm.

My "Salmon Run" & "Long Beach" paintings were chosen.

New West Artisans Market - This Saturday April 1st

I will be here on the 1st Saturdays of every month, located in New West at the River Quay market located inside, upstairs from 11-4pm. I will have Art Cards $4.00 and Prints $15-$20. ( Cash Only)

My new handmade stretch FRESHWATER PEARL Bracelets, $15.00 each or 2 for $25.

Lots of lustre & colors

Thank you for reading my Newsletter


(posted on 15 Mar 2017)

This is my 1st Blog Post.

Remember the minus cold below nights back in January! I sure did, trying to keep warm with wool blankets and drinking ginger tea, eating curry. I am sure glad the cold snap is over!!

On those cold nights I painted 5 new "Northern Lights" paintings, sizes 5x7. I was experimenting with trying to get that green emerald color in the sky, not an easy thing to do, because you have to put all the paint at once and hope for the best. I had to try many times, my favorite one is the 8x10 with the caribou walking down hill.

My "Backlit" Heron was taken at Burnaby Lake, with the early morning sun lighting up his back and head.

Also, the above painting and photo are now in the LUMINESCENCE Art Show.

A juried art show at the Deer Lake Gallery in Burnaby, now until April 8th.

Reception this Sat March 18th at 7:00 pm.

You can also click on ART SHOWS on my website, for where I will be showing next. And, I will also NOT be sending out all my less urgent blogs, so you read them anytime on my website.

Have a good day, Spring is arriving soon I hope!


Thanks again, will keep you posted

(posted on 12 Mar 2017)

Hello, my 1st soft launch of my Newsletter Blog, Yeah!

I am currently painting a Beaver Face Totem and I'm almost done.

I like to paint from my own Photographs.

I have just finished a common Merganser Duck and the North Shore Lions Mountains. The North Shore Lions mountains were a little bit tricky to paint, but I busted through it and did it. So it will be posted soon.

Because I have to keep busy, I am now making Freshwater stretch PEARL Bracelets and Necklaces. I need something new and different to do. I will have them soon at my Markets and other stores that carry my Art cards. Will let you know where they will be selling soon!

Thank you for reading my 1st Blog message, their will be more to come!

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