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(posted on 15 Mar 2017)

This is my 1st Blog Post.

Remember the minus cold below nights back in January! I sure did, trying to keep warm with wool blankets and drinking ginger tea, eating curry. I am sure glad the cold snap is over!!

On those cold nights I painted 5 new "Northern Lights" paintings, sizes 5x7. I was experimenting with trying to get that green emerald color in the sky, not an easy thing to do, because you have to put all the paint at once and hope for the best. I had to try many times, my favorite one is the 8x10 with the caribou walking down hill.

My "Backlit" Heron was taken at Burnaby Lake, with the early morning sun lighting up his back and head.

Also, the above painting and photo are now in the LUMINESCENCE Art Show.

A juried art show at the Deer Lake Gallery in Burnaby, now until April 8th.

Reception this Sat March 18th at 7:00 pm.

You can also click on ART SHOWS on my website, for where I will be showing next. And, I will also NOT be sending out all my less urgent blogs, so you read them anytime on my website.

Have a good day, Spring is arriving soon I hope!


Thanks again, will keep you posted

(posted on 12 Mar 2017)

Hello, my 1st soft launch of my Newsletter Blog, Yeah!

I am currently painting a Beaver Face Totem and I'm almost done.

I like to paint from my own Photographs.

I have just finished a common Merganser Duck and the North Shore Lions Mountains. The North Shore Lions mountains were a little bit tricky to paint, but I busted through it and did it. So it will be posted soon.

Because I have to keep busy, I am now making Freshwater stretch PEARL Bracelets and Necklaces. I need something new and different to do. I will have them soon at my Markets and other stores that carry my Art cards. Will let you know where they will be selling soon!

Thank you for reading my 1st Blog message, their will be more to come!

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